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About Us

Montessori Elementary, Middle, and High School will incorporate field studies in the community along with providing a safe, inviting school environment.

*More information to come on the availability of this school and its progress! 

Our Program

The Montessori School will introduce multi-age classrooms, seminar discussions, and a syllabus that supports adolescents in demonstrating independence, collaboration, adaptability, self-expression, and skills in dealing with ambiguity. Along with business experiences where secondary learners will explore economic independence and uninterrupted work cycles.

“Montessori is an education for independence preparing not just for school but for life.”

Our Mission

The certified Montessori Educators will focus on student-centered, inquiry-based instruction. Mrs. Calico, a soon-to-be certified Montessori guide, said "what I love best about Montessori is that it challenges us to support a child's authentic need to grow and become self-reliant. Our role is to care, observe, and guide the whole child. We want the students to value themselves and the contribution they can give to their community as they mature."