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Alumni Spotlight

Jade Searcey '19 

Jade is currently working as a Nursing Assistant while studying at Somerset Community College. She will be transferring to LMU Corbin Campus in the fall to pursue her degree in Nursing! 

Jeffery Proffitt '20

After graduating, Jeffery has worked with several organizations that encourage people to "get out and vote" and continued to work for the Redhound Print Shop! He is majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Transylvania University. 

Alondra Diaz '20

Quickly after graduating, Alondra found a satisfying job in retail. She managed to buy a new car and make healthier decisions! 

Toby Karr '20

Toby has found interest in bones and the human body. Currently, he is looking to go into training for morgue assistance! 

Chelsey Curnutt '17

Chelsey graduated from Choice MD's Clinical Medical Assistant Program. Immediately after she was employed as a CMA. Chelsey loves her new career! 


"I love the School of Innovation because I am able to work at my own pace. I also love that I was able to choose courses that I am interested in, like Psychology."

- Emilea L.

"KAPPA has allowed me to work at my own pace, get ahead and graduate a year early so I can go on to college and start accomplishing my dream! I’m going to major in Elementary Education. I can be there for kids to make sure that they know they are loved and can do anything they set their mind to."

- Lauren T.

"I have serious anxiety and taking online classes helps me control that. I also love being able to do anything any time of day instead of having to wait until after school, like I would if I were going to a traditional school."

- Emily H.

"Not only did I join for my anxiety, but I am also a musician, meaning I travel a lot. Because of this, I sometimes cannot do an average 8:00 am to 3:00 pm school day. I can work at night if I need to or I can work all day. KAPPA makes it very easy for complicated schedules."

- Madison L.

"I have suddenly seen a side of him I had not seen before. He has matured in his thinking and seems more confident and happy."

-Gracie T.