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Our School

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The Corbin School of Innovation is part of the Corbin Independent School District. We offer educational schools that meet the diverse needs of today's learners. These include KAPPA, Flex, Tri-County Even Start, Treehouse University, and Montessori. All curriculum is provided online for student flexibility with support from certified teachers.

The Corbin School of Innovation has been in operation for more than 28 years. To further improve our school, we continuously add new programs and cover various aspects of learning.

About Us

At the Corbin School of Innovation, we cater to children and adolescents whose needs have not been met in a traditional school setting. We equip them with the skills and education needed to become successful individuals. You can count on our experienced and knowledgeable instructors to give your child the right tools for the 21st Century.

Our Mission

The Corbin School of Innovation prepares students to be contributing members of society by giving them the personal success skills to self-manage, problem solve, and to be socially aware; all while making them college prepared and career-inspired through the practice of personalized, blended learning.


"I love the School of Innovation because I am able to work at my own pace. I also love that I was able to choose courses that I am interested in, like Psychology."

- Emilea L.

"KAPPA has allowed me to work at my own pace, get ahead and graduate a year early so I can go on to college and start accomplishing my dream! I’m going to major in Elementary Education. I can be there for kids to make sure that they know they are loved and can do anything they set their mind to."

- Lauren T.

"I have serious anxiety and taking online classes helps me control that. I also love being able to do anything any time of day instead of having to wait until after school, like I would if I were going to a traditional school."

- Emily H.

"Not only did I join for my anxiety, I am also a musician, meaning I travel a lot. Because of this, I sometimes cannot do an average 8:00am to 3:00pm school day. I can work at night if I need to or I can work all day. KAPPA makes it very easy for complicated schedules."

- Madison L.

"I have suddenly seen a side of him I had not seen before. He has matured in his thinking and seems more confident and happy."

-Gracie T.